The Singing Teacher Endorsements

The Singing Teacher is filled with strong biblical insights on worship, music, and lots of practical ideas for those who help others worship each week. This would be perfect for teams to read together, then discuss and debate some of the perspectives that Zeb Balentine brings up. A positive contribution to the Church’s ongoing conversation about how and why we worship the way we do.

-Paul Baloche, Christian song-writer

Have you ever stumbled upon a restaurant that once tried, became a favorite place to eat for years to come? That’s what “The Singing Teacher” is destined to become for all students of worship who find it. In this book, Zeb Balentine takes us inside the science, history, theology, and qualities of singing that cause it to be one of the most important discipleship tools the Church has in our hands. The next time someone asks you, “Why should it matter if people sing in church?”, you will find yourself reaching to this book for the answer. I wish I had read it years ago.

-Mike Harland, Director of LifeWay Worship

The act of worship is an ability that God has given all of his creation. However, God knew we would struggle with this, see the First Commandment. Zeb addresses this issue by giving sound doctrinal advice on how leaders of worship are to guide, instruct, and teach through song. He also points out that God should be the focus of worship and not the leader. In an age of ‘likes’ and ‘follows,’ this book could not be more timely.

-Jonathan Wilson, COO of Kyser Musical Products

As a Christian recording artist I appreciate Zeb’s fresh perspective on teaching through singing. The Singing Teacher challenges every artist in the faith to sing and make music with purpose; to admonish God’s people through the unique and extremely influential medium of song. This book is a must-read for the Christian artist, songwriter, and worship leader who has a desire to encourage and inspire others by teaching through singing.

-Dr. Lindsey Graham, Christian recording artist

The landscape of church culture has shifted over the last three decades. In many regards, we are witnessing a dumbing down of the church theologically and ultimately, spiritually. This era is there has also been a waning in the pursuit of Christian Education. Consequently, the Senior Pastor and Worship leader share an even greater responsibility in providing Spiritual Formation for the congregation in worship. As a result, it is important that there be a marriage between preaching and music. This book is a much needed tool for the worship leader and the Senior Pastor, as together they navigate the tempestuous waters of worship planning. Dr. Zeb Balentine has prayerfully written a book that will help Pastors and Worship Leaders plan and present the worship of God’s people in spirit and in truth.

-Dr. Eddie A. Robinson, Worship minister, Springfield Baptist Church, Conyers, GA

The Singing Teacher is full of sobering, gospel-centered truths about worship that every worship leader should take into consideration before stepping back on the stage.

-Will Price, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Calvary Chapel, Port Saint Lucy, FL

This book is a must read for those who seek to know more about the profound gift that music has played and continues to play in the development of our theology as believers. It is an insightful look into the care we all must take in church leadership and in our family roles for ensuring our music is building the faith and leading people to a sound understanding of who God is.

-Rebekah Jones, Kids Choir and Music Academy Director, Saddleback Church

Zeb Balentine offers great practical advice to leading worship as well as bringing insightful truths to the oldest form of expression. “The Singing Teacher” is filled with helpful hints and gentle reminders for worship leaders everywhere that we teach through song. His discernment into intermingling the two, music and Word, will be beneficial for years to come.

-Robb McCormick, Worship Pastor, Fellowship of Christians/Singer-Songwriter,


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