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I wanted to give a quick review of a book that’s soon to be released from a pastor friend of mine. Allen Nelson IV, also known as “Cuatro” by many has spent the last couple of years researching and writing From Death to Life: How Salvation Works. I’ve had the chance to read it early, and I can’t recommend this book enough! Everyone Christian uses the term “Gospel” but many of us have differing opinions as to its meaning. We live in a time when our evangelism methods and our definitions of certain terms must be challenged and evaluated through the lens of Scripture. This book will raise questions that desperately need to be asked. People who profess to be followers of Christ need to read this book because it is absolutely crucial that we have an understanding of salvation that is shaped by the Bible, and not cultural practices. Allen challenges these issues and helps the reader discern what is Biblical and what is cultural. He boldly addresses issues that have served to water down and cheapen the life-giving Gospel of Christ. When this book comes out...GET IT! Follow him on twitter to keep up with how things progress: @cuatronelson

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