What do I mean by “worship culture”? What I mean by that is what a church believes about worship theologically, how they express their worship, and what kind of a priority they place on the worship of God. I think that churches striving to develop a healthy worship culture is of utmost importance to the overall life and health of a local congregation. But, why? Though there are many different reasons, I just want to highlight 3 of them: Because Worship is the reason we exist. Plain and simple, God made us to be His worshipers so that He can be glorified by us forever. Why would we want to miss this point? To neglect worship, is to neglect the most important thing that we can do in this life or in the life to come. Because the Worship ministry is the most public ministry of the church. In the average local church, there are many ministries that are designed to serve various kinds of people at different stages of life: students, children, senior adults, men, women. Not one of these ministries will serve every single person in the church. Also, not every single person in the church will even be plugged into a Sunday School class or a small group of some kind. But, they will be part of the worship gathering. Worship ministry will reach to every person within a local church. Because a healthy Worship culture will bring health to other areas of the church. Since worship ministry is the most public and reaches to everyone within the local congregation, naturally if it is healthy, it will affect various other circles of ministry. Now, it is not a silver-bullet. It will not necessarily bring health to every other ministry of the church, but it certainly plays a part in breathing life into the rest of the church. So, I encourage pastors, worship leaders, church staff, and all believers to strive to make worship a priority in your church. It is my hope that this short list encourages you to strive to make your church have the most thriving worship culture possible because God desires it, demands it, and deserves it.

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