Do you struggle to find times where you worship God privately throughout the week? Most people do. It’s a discipline like anything else and we must work at it and pray that God strengthens us in this area. If you are struggling to be consistent in worshiping God on your own throughout the week, here are four things that I have found to be helpful that you might try implementing in your walk with Christ, in particular, through studying the Bible.

Have a Goal

This might mean that you want to read through the Bible in a year, or chronologically. Or it might mean that you want to spend the next three months deeply studying a book of the Bible. No matter what it looks like, you need a goal and a direction. It is nearly impossible to be consistent if you don’t have one. Don’t just read the Bible at random, but find (or create) a Bible reading plan and work through it.

Have a Standing Appointment with God

This also helps with consistency. It is easy to keep pushing this time with the Lord off until later in the day until before we know it, the day is over and we are to exhausted to meet with God or we just forget to altogether. Having this “standing appointment” helps to prioritize things in our lives. It helps us to know that our time with God won’t be swallowed up by distractions, but the same time every day, we know that time is for us and God.

Find What Time is Most Fruitful for You

Some people love mornings. You wake up in a great mood, full of energy, and fully focused. First thing in the morning might work best for you. Some people are night owls and can focus more in the later hours. I don’t think it really matters what time of the day it is that you set aside to worship God, but I do believe that it matters if we are awake and focused. We can’t really study Scripture and call that “worship” if we are struggling to keep our eyes open. So, find the best time for YOU, no matter what time it is.

Give Yourself Some Grace

Let me just say it: God is not mad at you for skipping your quiet time. God knows that we are weak people. He knows that sometimes we forget, sometimes we get sick or must take care of a sick loved one, and He knows that sometimes in our flesh we just simply don’t want to take time to meet with Him. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Trust in God’s love for you and ask Him to be your strength. Confess this weakness to Him and ask Him to help you improve in this area. He has given you grace. So embrace it and give yourself some.

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