Why Worship Coaching?

Vital Worship is a ministry that I believe God has been leading me to for quite some time. Over the years, I have been able to see how God has been putting together small pieces of the puzzle that would eventually come to fruition. It is my desire to be able to help churches by equipping them to develop a healthy worship culture in their local gatherings. I work to do this through blogs, book reviews, and sharing thoughts and quotes that I think are helpful. One other way that I seek to accomplish this is through coaching. I want to highlight a few reasons why coaching for your church’s worship ministry is important and why you should consider allowing Vital Worship to assist you in this. 1.Everyone needs coaching. Every person, every church, and every ministry needs someone speaking into them. I am constantly seeking out coaching for my own local church ministry, as well as my Vital Worship ministry. Pursuing coaching isn’t admitting weakness, it’s demonstrating a strength and a drive to become the very best that God has called you to be.

2.Coaching gives you the benefit of an outsider’s perspective. We all have blind spots in our ministries and churches. They may be blind spots that we are unaware of from day one, or they may be something that we have grown to live with and don’t even notice anymore. Bringing in a coach can help you spot weaknesses and STRENGTHS that you may be unaware of, and they can help you develop a strategic plan to accomplish the goals you have for your ministry.

3.Coaches can reinforce what the leader has already been saying. One frustrating reality for we who lead is that we can be pitching an idea or trying to move in a certain direction and our words can either receive push-back, rejection, or they can be ignored altogether. But the minute an outsider comes in and says the same exact thing, the people who weren’t buying into your vision will think it’s the most brilliant idea in the history of ideas. I don’t understand it, but that is the reality of church leadership. Let one of our coaches reinforce your vision!

4.We have a great team of specialists. Take a look at our “SERVICES” page. Almost any issue that your church or worship team can benefit from, we have someone who can help you. Vital Worship was designed with a team approach so that collectively, we can have a broad skill-set to meet the many needs of music and worship ministry. Let us serve you. Whatever your need may be, it would be our joy to be allowed to help you develop a healthy worship culture at your church.

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