Raising Superman

Allow me to geek-out during this post. I have always been a huge fan of Superman. I remember having my mom pin a towel around my neck so that I could “fly” around the room just like the Man of Steel. I grew up watching the cartoons, the television shows, the movies, and I even read the comics. What drew me to Superman wasn’t just the cool powers, but who he was as a person. He was a good man who stood for truth and justice. He was a man of integrity and character with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Since I have become an adult and have begun to raise kids, I can see them now develop their own infatuation with this super-hero. But now at this stage in my life, I am more intrigued by a different character—Jonathan Kent, the adoptive dad of Clark Kent.
Jonathan was an honest, hard-working farmer. A simple man, with simple, but strong values. These values he passed down to his son. Had Clark not been raised by such a good man, his God-like powers would have certainly corrupted him and he would have ruled the world with an iron fist. But because of who his dad was, the world was given a hero. Everything that makes Superman is not his powers, but his character as a person. And this character was in him because of his dad.

So, this makes me think: Who is a hero to a super-hero? That’s easy. A dad. Dad’s are heroes. No matter if you are a business executive or a carpenter, you are indestructible in your child’s eyes. It is up to you to invest in them, to instill in them a strong sense of good and evil, to strive for truth and justice, and be courageous enough to stand up and do what’s right even when they are standing alone. It is up to you to help them develop into the person they will be for the rest of their lives.

Everything that makes Superman great, came from who his dad was as a person. Happy Father’s day dads. Remember, you might be raising Superman...or Superwoman.

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