Unsung Heroes

Who inspired you to be a musician? For me, it was Joe Perry, the lead guitarist of Aerosmith. The first album that I ever bought was Aerosmith's Nine Lives. If I dig a little deeper, I was probably inspired when Marty McFly played “Johnny B. Goode” in Back to the Future. I have always had a passion for the history of Rock music and I can talk forever about all of my musical heros and useless trivia that I have learned about them over the years. As much as I admire the greats like Joe Perry, Slash, Eric Clapton, and so forth, if I really think about it, the people who truly inspired me to learn to play the guitar are those musicians not on the television or radio, but those in the churches. The reason for this is to see a real person, actually play an instrument right in front of me, made me realize that I can learn to do that too. REAL people can learn to play REAL instruments. It took me into my adult life to realize the impact that these unsung heros had on me. They may never receive win a Grammy, record a platinum album, or play on TV. And I don’t even remember most of their names. But seeing flesh and blood musicians right in front of me gave me the inspiration to put in the discipline of learning an instrument that I would one day use to worship and glorify God. So, if you play or sing in your local church, just keep in mind that you are inspiring a younger generation to use music to the glory of God.

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