Discovery and Development

This service is designed to help you and your church discover your worship identity and to develop a plan to reach the next level.  We do this through the following programs:

Understanding Worship
Transitions in Worship styles
Forming a Mission Statement/Core Values
Excellence: What is it and how do we get there?
Worship Planning
Elements of Worship
Overcoming issues in worship

Building the Worship Team

Whether you are building a worship team from the ground up, or you simply want to improve on what you have, this service can be tailored to fit your needs. This service covers topics such as:

The Audition Process
Worship Band Workshops

Youth Band Workshops
Choir Workshops
Orchestra Workshops
The Paradox of Excellence and Humility

The Search

Maybe your church is in between worship leaders right now.  This service is provided so that your church and your next worship leader can be set up for success.  This services provides coaching for your search committee on:

What to look for in a candidate
Interview do’s and don’ts
Creating a job description
Creating a salary package
What a “good fit” looks like
How to define “success” for your candidate

Starting Out

This is a FREE SERVICE to potential worship leaders that are just starting out in ministry and are on the job hunt.  Let us invest in you by coaching you through:

Constructing a Resume
Interview Exercises
What to expect in the interview
What to expect in your first few years of ministry
Know who you are/aren’t
Develop a theology and philosophy of worship
Pastor/Worship Leader relations

Overcoming Issues

Don't see a service specifically for your needs?  Maybe you have a particular issue that you want some coaching on.  We help with that too! 

We offer coaching that is affordable, practical, and realistic.  Each church’s situation is unique, so each approach will be specifically crafted to meet your church’s needs.  Most of our services can be offered through one of the following categories:


Vital Worship

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