Worship in God’s church is of utmost importance. We as his children, should offer Him the best offering of worship that we are capable of giving.  We at Vital Worship seek to help churches develop a healthy worship culture so that God can be honored and glorified in the best way possible.

Vital Worship is made up of a team of worship leaders who specialize in specific areas of ministry and are eager to help your church have the most thriving and successful worship ministry possible.  Take a moment and check out our team.

Dr. Zeb Balentine

Zeb created Vital Worship because of his passion to help equip churches and worship leaders to reach their fullest potential as worshipers.  He has earned a BA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Worship Studies with an emphasis on Leadership as well as a Doctorate in Worship Studies.  He has had years of experience as a musician and worship leader, having led worship in various parts of the country. Along with being a worship leader, he is also a professor of Worship at Bryan College and Liberty University.

Robb McCormick

Robb has been a professional musician for almost 20 years, touring the United States and all over the world as “Some Guy Named Robb.”  He is a multi-instrumentalist, has written over a thousand songs, performed for hundreds of thousands of people and has won awards for his musical accomplishments.  Along with being a performer, Robb is also a much sought after worship leader.  His experiences give him a unique perspective and makes him a valuable member of the team.

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